Plaintext Distro

Purveyors of fine low tech, anti-capitalist, bitsyfolk, game-making and cultural zines

Hi! We are an emerging zine distro looking to make physical and digital distribution of zines on topics near and dear to our hearts more easily accessible to creators around the world. We believe that the technological obsession with innovation has led to a relationship with technology that is intrusive, wasteful, and not based in the amazing potential for resource sharing and creativity that is fundamental to digital media like the internet. We are curious about ways to do more with less: less energy, less e-waste, and less centralizing our culture on platforms that are purely profit-motivated. Maintenance and right-to-repair, low tech game making, the history of software art, radically remaking copyright and IP law, digital decentralization, DIY projects, perspectives on the abolition of private corporations, prisons, work and money, and mining the old web for solutions to new problems that we didn't know we already had are some of our primary interests. If you feel that your writing, artistic practice, hobby or even stray thoughts fit in any of these categories, consider letting us print and distribute your zine!

Our Zines

In the beginning we all played Family
In the beginning we all played Family by Rumpel

manifesto megamix
manifesto megamix by candle
TRASHZINE by multiple authors
Pixels X Paper
Pixels X Paper by multiple authors
ZONE by candle

... And more to be announced!


If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me! More information on our featured zines and creators, as well as fairs where you can purchase our zines will be available here soon. Subscribe for updates here!